Color Chip

01 – basic background color
02 – background color of selected skills, party members/friends, etc. and for the emblem and reputation in the guild window
03 – background color of unavailable selections in the skill and guild windows
04 – background color of selected passive skills
05 – background color of NPC convo windows
06 – color of the loadscreen progress bar and the reputation graph lines in the guild window
07 – outline of experience bars
08 – background color of experience bars
09 – foreground color of experience bars
10 – outline of…the “combo” box? whatever that is — popup menus maybe?
11 – background color of trade window confirmations
12 – outline of parts of the guild window, also the background color of the guild window tabs and alliance/antagonist lists (the site warns against making this value pure black, to keep those elements legible)
13 – unknown, perhaps unused
14 – outline of parts of the pet info window, as well as chatboxes and smith/chemist creation menus

English translation courtesy of bara-chan.
Image from here.