I’m putting this here so I can answer a possible question you may have before emailing me!

Skin related

Will you update this or that skin to be renewal compatible?

No. I will not. I have edited one skin for myself, and that took well over 5 hours to get right due to the detail of the skin. I still need to go back and fix it before I put it on this site.

Can you help me make this or that skin renewal compatible?

See the question above.

How hard is it to make this or that skin renewal compatible?

Depends on the detail level of the skin. Also depends on your skill level in editing things.

You make it sound really hard.

I’m sorry? It’s more time consuming than hard, for me at least. I’ve been editing images and whatnot since I was a very little kid working with an Amiga.

Will you host this or that skin?

Provided it doesn’t have nudity, sure. I’m not allowed to have adult content on my site as per my web host. Hit up the contact page with the proper credit and links (if possible), and I’ll get up as soon as I can.


Why don’t you accept other forms of contact?

When, and if, I’m playing Ragnarok Online (or any other game for that matter), I’d rather not be disturbed about something I do in my spare time. It might seem rude, but I’m sorry. It’s like asking someone about work when they’re not at work.

Why did you make this site?

This started as a small project for me and my friends, as I always had a bunch of skins and my friends asked me about what skin I was using in a screenshot. I decided to be nice and upload them all for them to access and use, so they didn’t have to try and find them.

I still have a question for you!

Head over to the shiny contact page and use one of the ways listed there to get in touch with me.