Past Updates

Previous updates here for my benefit more than yours. ♥


This site is still updated/checked/cared for/etc! I just don’t have too much to add really, so I don’t bother with saying “Oh, I updated. Well, not really.” ^^;

I have added one new skin, Alice in Wonderland for Renewal! Everyone give their thanks to Shiina for converting it. ♥


You might have noticed there is a new link in the navigation! Yes, there is a Renewal skin now. All converted skins will be placed under Renewal for now, until it becomes necessary for them to be seperated. I will then end up making another “site” for Non-Renewal skins and Renewal skins, and this page will be replaced with a splash page asking you to choose which skin site you’d like to browse. Organization! I love it.

Also, I plan on going through Nilami’s wonderful conversion and make a page with every image name that the new skins use. So you future converters/skinners have an easy reference as the default skin is a bit.. lacking in images at times from what I (and others) have noticed.

Future plans include who knows because I did everything I already wanted. There is now zips, a new layout, and even an image reference page! 😀


A few things.
Yes, I am aware all of these skins are pretty much broken and useless on Renewal.
No, I do not plan to convert them to Renewal. That takes way too much time.
I have no objection to hosting Renewal skins here as well if people want. If I do get Renewal skins, I will go through everything and make sure that everything is noted for Renewal or Non-Renewal.

I think that summarizes everything. Have a good day! 🙂


Since 13.1 hit iRO/kRO, most/all of these skins are pretty much useless unless you edit them to fit the new windows. I haven’t a clue about them since I personally haven’t played RO in about a year nor had RO installed for the last few months to look at the new skin setups. Leaving this site up for those who want to edit the skins for themselves.


New imageless layout.


Uploaded for general public use. Yay.


After who knows how many hours (yay procrastination/life/all that good distracting stuff), I added the 88 skins I had to add to the pages. I really
need to find a more efficient way to do this. And maybe a shiny download/preview link counter just because I like them.


Put up a new layout after too many hours fighting with the coding. I remember why I hated iframes now. I have at least 60 skins to add, so I’m slowly working on that.


I added every skin maker that was possible to find. Navigating through Japanese sites can be a pain. There’s a decent amount of broken links on the big
link lists, which makes finding some of the creators next to impossible. Also added some links and rearranged the links section a little bit.


Created site, added all the skins I had on my computer, etc.