6th January 2012 | Information | Comments off

This site is a collection of RO skins made by various people so they didn’t have to wander through the mess of a thread over at iROWiki’s forums (or their skin mirror page). No offense to Blue and everyone over at iW, I just hate clutter when trying to find something. I figured this would be a good way to browse skins and download them since sometimes download links disappear, sites go down, people cannot navigate through the Japanese or other language sites, etcetera. And really, that default skin RO comes with is pretty blah so go look!

Please note that some of the Japanese names may be mistranslated. Relying on Japanese Dictionaries online isn’t the best idea but I don’t know Japanese, nor does anyone I know so online translations are all I can go by.

Any questions or comments can be addressed to me via e-mail or forum PM (see the contact page for more information).

For the record, I hate writing things like this. It needed something on this page aside from “RO skin collection.”